gioi-thieu-tecco2Transport Engineering Consultant JSC No2. (TECCO2) is founded under the Law on Enterprises in Vietnam and licensed by Hanoi Authority for Planning and Investment according to the Certificate of Business Registration No. 0100108310 dated Oct 24st, 1969.

The company is founded by Transport Engineering Design Inc. (TEDI) and the Vietnamese leading experts in consultancy for infrastructure construction investment for transport, industry and civil works.

Our staffs are well-trained, professional and experienced engineers who have taken part in many large-scale local and foreign projects.

  1. Lines of business
  • Preparation of master plans, general plans and detailed plans for construction projects;
  • Preparation of the project proposals, technical – economic reports, investment reports, investment projects, basic designs, technical designs, construction drawings, environmental impact assessment reports of construction projects;
  • Verification of project plans and investment project, basic designs, technical designs, drawings, environmental impact reports of construction works;
  • Preparation of bidding documents, bids, and bids assessment of construction projects;
  • Supervision of construction projects;
  • Provision of consulting services for project management, assessment of project efficiency, quality inspection of construction projects;
  • Study on new technology application and consultancy in training, technology transfer in project construction sectors;
  • Conducting topographical, geological, hydrological and environmental survey and performance of construction material tests;
  • Taking the import-export towards materials, equipment and machines serving for survey, design and construction of works.